Behind the "Cultural Heritage and Landscape Management" program and the Koni people


Aug 29, 2016 - 4:45pm

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“Endless stone circles, set in bewildering mazes and linked by long stone passages, cover the landscape stretching from Ohrigstad to Carolina, connecting over 10,000 square kilometres of the escarpment into a complex web of stone-walled homesteads, terraced fields and linking roads.” (witspress, 2014)

In mid 2014, Prof Peter Delius of Witwatersrand University alongside Peter Schoemann and Tim Maggs published a book telling the story of this landscape. Together, Delius (Professor of History) and archaeology lecturers Maggs and Schoeman have pieced together the history and society of the Koni people. Take a look at this story from the Amanda Esterhuysen (Mail and Guardian) who explains why “Forgotten World” is such a captivating book which tells a compelling but untold history of a forgotten people and their land:

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