Our intensive field-study programs have been designed specifically to make a positive and lasting difference. We give students a solid grounding in multidisciplinary approaches and contextual knowledge for working alongside our community partners to solve their real-world challenges. Our students discover how their short-term field studies can lead to long-term engagement with communities through actionable projects, programs and research.




Our mission is to stimulate the interest of university students in understanding and
supporting positive and entrepreneurial change in communities of the Indian Ocean region – one program at a time





Does your knowledge make sense in this place?
So what if it doesn’t?
How do you learn from local knowledge and experiences of tackling challenges?
How can you adapt your knowledge to make a positive difference?

These are the questions that we challenge students with in our programs. The field is our laboratory where theories and critical thinking have to engage with contextual realities. It forces students to confront their assumptions and ideas through the grounded insights and experiences of world-renowned academics, local experts and community groups.

Each RESEED program is led by two academics and is open to university students of all disciplines who want to adapt their academic training in the field and make positive change through their work. Students who participate in a RESEED program will
develop the confidence and capacity to create opportunities that
enrich their lives and the communities with which they interact.



RESEED programs are designed to make you transform your knowledge, critical thinking and field learning into effective practice.

Each program wraps up the field trip with a two-day workshop where you will discuss what you have observed and learned from visiting different places and talking to local communities, academics and stakeholders about the different problems they confront in their situations.

You’ll work with others in your group to think through these issues and present back to these people some concepts for programs or projects that you believe will make a positive impact. They will give you constructive criticism and advice on how to you might rethink or revise your ideas.

You’ll take in their comments and rework your ideas into group research and project proposals after you return from the field. Your final work will be published by RESEED as an edited book and presented back to the community-based organisations, local representatives, government agency officials, NGOs, and academics.

If your project proposals gain traction with local stakeholders, they may express their interest by inviting you to work with them and develop a project or enterprise for which they can seek external start-up funding or mobilise support from within the communities.

As alumni of RESEED programs, you’ll find new opportunities emerging from the programs and the extended graduate network to gain multidisciplinary and practical experience for your future career.